🌟Where did it start?

OBS World was founded in 2019 when Dmitrij created a car club for private collectors to come together and share their passion in a safe, welcoming environment. What began as a small group quickly grew into a global family of unique individuals, all eager to share and experience their love for cars. This surge in interest led the club to host over 50 real-world events, including thrilling track days and competitive sim racing championships. These events highlighted the need to preserve car culture and pass it on to the next generation. With a deep understanding of the automotive market and its evolving needs, Dmitrij and his team are now developing a new ecosystem specifically for gearheads. This initiative is transforming OBS World from a vibrant car club into a comprehensive global ecosystem for car enthusiasts.

A space for the pioneers and the dreamers.

I always dreamt about becoming a racer. For me, a car is a lot more than just an asset. It's a key to freedom, a masterpiece of engineering genius, a friend to whom you entrust your life and who brings you the joy of the experience." - Dmitrij Juvko founder of OBS World

Dmitrij was fascinated by high-performance cars ever since a young age. Starting at just 18 years old, he worked at his local Porsche dealership washing cars, where his fascination with these machines took root. Through dedication and hard work, he started multiple companies with successful exits. This relentless pursuit of excellence allowed him to amass a personal collection of over 10 Porsches. For Dmitrij, cars became a school of life, teaching him lessons in precision, dedication, and the joy of continuous learning and improvement.

I wanted to be like Schumacher.

Cars are flying at high speed. They are yellow, red, and green. Brave, strong men are behind the wheel. These are racers.

It's all happening on TV. And a boy is sitting in front of the TV. It's me. I really enjoy watching the races. You have to be brave to participate. After all, the car travels at a speed of 330 km per hour. Courage is also needed. Sometimes an accident can happen and then you need a lot of patience in the treatment.

By the time I grow up, Schumacher will have retired. And I will become the new Schumacher.

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