🀝What We Offer

Exhibitions & Track Days

  • Experience virtual exhibitions and car sites in the digital realm with OBS World Extended Reality.

  • Secure your tickets with $OBSW, OBS World native currency, to the most prestigious car events, such as F1 GP in Monaco, GP Ice Race, Icons of Porsche Dubai or Le Mans Classic.

  • Participate and co-host track days worldwide with our esteemed partners, such as Niki Lauda League or GP Elite.

  • Join OBS World on Porsche Track Days in NΓΌrburgring, events by Porsche Automuseum.

Community Connection

  • Bridge small communities into one large macro-community of car enthusiasts.

  • Enable seamless interaction between different car clubs worldwide.

  • Foster global networking opportunities for car lovers.

  • Strengthen bonds within the automotive community through shared experiences.

Enhanced Engagement

  • Leverage RWA (Real World Assets) to provide tangible value.

  • Utilize SocialFi for interactive and rewarding social engagements.

  • Implement tokenization to ensure true ownership of digital and physical assets.

  • Enhance user engagement with both real and virtual automotive experiences.

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