📄OBS World – RWA Ecosystem for Automotive World

OBS World is the automotive ecosystem where car enthusiasts socialize, play, and connect. Enhanced with Web3, OBS World serves as RWA for the automotive world, making car culture accessible, transparent, and safe.

OBS World seamlessly integrates tokenization to real-world assets, bridging the digital and physical realms in the automotive world.

Real World Assets (RWA) for Automotive World

  • Real-world assets and services traded with $OBSW tokens.

  • Proof of ownership: Claim a car NFT linked to your real-life vehicles.

  • Use $OBSW token for F1 invitations, famous track days in Nurburgring, GP Ice Race, Icons of Porsche Dubai, and other events co-hosted or sponsored by OBS World.

  • Purchase real-life items from our partners with $OBSW tokens.

  • Get your car inspected or join Kremer Racing Track Days paying with $OBSW tokens.


  • Participate in racing simulations and in-app mini-games to go up the leaderboard.

  • Gain experience points for participating, exchange to $OBSW, and use it for items and discounts for real-life assets.

  • Earn rewards for completing daily tasks in the app, on OBS World socials, and climb leaderboards.


  • Engage with a vibrant community of car enthusiasts around the world.

  • Connect and socialize through digital and real-life car clubs, connect with famous racers, and have access to their fanbases.

  • Join meets with big names in the automotive industry - connect with Niki Lauda League, Porsche Automuseum, and Porsche Club in Nürburgring.

Macro-Community of Car Clubs

  • Join one, and gain access to all.

  • Largest network of car clubs globally, with approximately 2,500 in Europe and tens of thousands worldwide.

  • Looking to join a club event in Tokyo, LA, or Antwerp? Talk to us and we’ll connect you.

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