The OBS World metaverse is all about cars and car culture. Any OBS Community member can own, use, rent, and trade various 3D car models, with each model underpinned by a unique NFT.

Within OBS World, vehicles are arranged into Fleets:

  • Public Fleets of common cars, available for use by all community members (via the public NFT library);

  • Private Fleets of cars owned by holders of particular NFTs (acquired through the OBS Marketplace);

  • Rental Fleets with cars for rent or limited use from other OBS community members;

  • Club Fleets with cars belonging to the Club and used exclusively by members of the Club (via the club NFT library).

Vehicle Models

OBS World aims to amass the largest library of vehicle 3D models in the world. Community members can choose from various brands and car manufacturers, different vehicle types, models, builds, and production periods.

Tuning & Accessories

Pimp your ride. Give your car a unique look with various accessories and car tuning assets offered on the NFT Market. Create your own unique tuning assets and add a personal touch to your beloved cars.

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