🏒Real Estate

Real Estates are virtual metaverse spaces where OBS Community members can gather, socialize and engage in various activities.

Each of these metaverse spaces are owned and operated by someone - an individual community member, a Club, a Corporate user, an investor, or the OBS World as a whole. Ownership of a Real Estate object within OBS World is based on the ownership of the underlying NFT and is easily transferable or tradeable.

There are several types of Real Estate within OBS World:

  • Garages;

  • Tracks;

  • Shops & Embassies;

  • Institutions.


Garages are virtual 3D environments that serve as 'home spaces' of community members.

OBS members can participate in the OBS World without garage, though holding bigger assets such as cars will require to establish, rent or join the garage.

Community members have their own private garage, which showcases the members' cars and other owned assets, achievements and trophies, club memberships, and other aspects of members' interests and activities within the OBS World. Clubs also have their own separate garages, accessible to members of the Club.

Garages are located at and are assigned to a particular Track, based on garage owners' choice and with respect to the Track owners' policy. Garages can be relocated to other Tracks, after a certain period or for a relocation fee. Community members can own and operate several garages even located at different Tracks.

Access to a private or Club garage is controlled by the garage owner. Permissions to access a garage can be set to private (only for the community member or members of the Club), limited (invitation-only), or public (open for all).

Garages are procedurally generated upon request by the community members' (or Club) and using both free-to-use and limited-use templates. Garages can be customized using various free-to-use 3D assets or limited-use assets owned by the member or club. Garage owners can also commission Creators to have their garage overhauled and feature a custom design.

Similar to the real world real-estate, OBS Garage creation benefits the owner of the OBS Track it is attached to.


Tracks are the hubs of OBS World and general locations where all action takes place.

Tracks are either fictional or digital copies of famous real-world racing tracks. Tracks vary in terms of design and setting - professional racing rings, urban environments, off-roads or unconventional spaces for various types of motorsports.

Within OBS World, Tracks perform the function of being hubs, where Garages, Shops, other Real Estate objects and major points of interest are located. Tracks are also locations upon which casual gaming (racing games) and competitive e-sports (sim racing) takes place.

Shops & Embassies

Shops are places and virtual spaces for e-commerce of real-world and digital products and services. OBS Community members can use $OBSW tokens to purchase car-related products (parts, accessories, customizations, etc.) or services from real-world retailers, all from within the metaverse of OBS World.

Similarly to Shops, Embassies are spaces for the representation and promotion of brands, teams, organizations and real-world communities.


The public spaces and special places of the OBS World. Institutions are openly accessible virtual spaces for the OBS community to engage in various activities:

  • Expo Center;

  • Motorsports Center;

  • Betting House;

  • Gaming Arena;

  • Business Networking Hub;

  • Auction House;

  • Museum;

  • Creator's Studio;

  • and more, built together with the OBS Community.

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