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What is Macro Community for Car Clubs in the OBS World Vision?

OBS World aims to create a comprehensive macro community for car clubs, integrating thousands of car enthusiasts into a cohesive digital ecosystem. Our vision is to unite 100K users by Q4 2025 and expand to 1M users by the end of 2027. With 2,500 car clubs in Europe and dozens of thousands worldwide, OBS World offers a seamless platform for car enthusiasts to connect, share experiences, and participate in both virtual and real-life events.

In OBS World, members don't need to search for or join multiple car clubs. Instead, our platform helps you connect with car clubs globally, enabling you to organize or attend various events and track days effortlessly. This centralized approach simplifies the process of engaging with the automotive community, fostering a sense of unity and shared passion among members.

Community Model: Skill2Earn

OBS World is pioneering the innovative Skill2Earn model, transforming the automotive community by rewarding individuals based on their unique skills and contributions. As the first to employ such a concept, we aim to lower the barrier of entry into the car market, fostering a dynamic environment filled with talented and passionate individuals.

Skill2Earn encompasses a wide range of talents within the automotive world. Whether it’s the car enthusiast who consistently crosses the finish line first in our (virtual) races, the photographer with the best portfolio capturing stunning automotive imagery, or the mechanic boasting years of hands-on experience, everyone has the opportunity to earn rewards and recognition.

By implementing Skill2Earn, we supercharge the overall market, attracting and retaining talent through tangible incentives. This approach not only encourages participation but also ensures that the most dedicated and skilled individuals thrive. It creates a meritocratic ecosystem where effort and expertise are directly correlated with benefits, thereby enhancing the quality and vibrancy of the automotive community.

In essence, Skill2Earn is revolutionizing the car market, making it more inclusive and accessible while driving excellence and innovation. By valuing and rewarding skills across various domains, OBS World empowers individuals to turn their passion into profit, enriching the entire automotive ecosystem.

Perks of Joining the OBS World Community

  • Access to Global Car Clubs: Connect with thousands of car clubs worldwide, without the hassle of searching individually.

  • Organize and Attend Events: Seamlessly host or participate in virtual and real-life car events and track days.

  • Skill2Earn Rewards: Earn tangible rewards for your skills and contributions within the community.

  • Exclusive Invitations: Receive invites to prestigious automotive events, like Porsche Track Days at NΓΌrburgring, Icons of Porsche Dubai, F.A.T. Ice Race GP, and F1 Grand Prix.

  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with big names in the automotive industry, such as the Niki Lauda League and Porsche Automuseum.

  • Digital and Real-World Integration: Use $OBSW tokens for various real-world services and products from our partners.

By joining OBS World, you become part of a vast, interconnected network of car enthusiasts, enjoying the benefits of a well-structured, skill-based community.

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